La Discrète lamp by Fabien Dumas for Marset

Pierluigi Cattermole
02.10.2013 | 15:50
La Discrète is a new Marset 2013 lamp, that besides lighting it brings in to play some features and uses not usually common in these kind of objects. Its designer is Fabien Dumas, a French designer from La Martinica and who lives in Berlin. He designed Tam Tam for the same company in 2011...

Folded, paper ceramics from Raw Edges

Gloria Inglis
03.02.2011 | 14:26
Raw Edges has taken on the challenge of reproducing the malleable and light nature of folded paper using an unexpected material such as ceramic. Italian manufacturer Mutina has hence introduced the Folded collection for tiling.   The Israeli studio formed by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay...

Madrid chair, an infinite composition from Ecosistema Urbano

Gloria Inglis
02.02.2011 | 19:10
Ecosistema Urbano has designed a modular seating concept for the Spanish pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The standard module of the Madrid chair is based on the geometry of a tetrahedron with truncated sides that is easily assembled with the corresponding planes of other modules....

Ottawa, children´s play area by Emiliana Design Studio

Gloria Inglis
28.01.2011 | 15:25
Made Design Planning Sisplamo introduces Ottawa as part of the Made for Children series. It consists of a set of modular items designed for children´s activities in public spaces. The collection has been designed by Emiliana Design Studio, co founders Ana Mir y Emili Padrós. The...

The Losanges carpet, designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Nanimarquina

Editorial Team
24.01.2011 | 11:40
Designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec sare particularly fascinated by the traditional Persian art of Kilim production, as becomes clear with Losanges, a carpet collection designed for Nanimarquina.   The Losange, rhombus in French, is a thin carpet that is modulated by rhombi in...

Nendo introduces Dancing Squares or how to freeze movement

Gloria Inglis
15.01.2011 | 15:19
Japanese studio led by Aki Sato, Nendo, introduces Dancing Squares, a collection of everyday objects designed to transmit the sense of movement, composing a series of items that are unstable in appearance. The square geometrical pieces that make up the object appear to freeze in time and space....

Jasper Morrison for Camper

17.12.2010 | 14:11
As in the past, Camper has recurred to renowned collaborators from the varying fields of design. Industrial designer Jasper Morrison is in this occasion the creator of The Country Trainer, a men’s footwear collection that is comfortable and has been developed with the identity of the...

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