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Clayfulness. Sculpt the silence of your mind (Inglés)


Author: Samuel López-Lago

Participating in the creation process with artisans has allowed the author to better comprehend the relationship between material, medium and environment.
Clayfulness: Sculpt the silence in your mind focuses itself in the meeting point between meditation and craftsmanship, two paths that have a lot in common.

López-Lago has developed a series of practical excercises useful to any person who decides to walk the path to better understand oneself, and harmonize in full body and mind.


  • ISBN: 978-84-19555-10-6
  • Medidas Measurements: 14 x 21 cm
  • Páginas Pages: 176
  • Encuadernación Binding: Rústica Paperback
  • Impresión interior Inside print: Negro Black
  • Edición Edition: Experimenta Libros / Colección Praxis

Since 2018, Samuel López-Lago has been developing and compiling various methods that meet at the intersection between mindfulness and craftsmanship, all of which are explained in this book.

The process of creating with craftspeople, an experience paired with professional practice, has allowed him to better understand the material, the medium and the environment. If there is one thing that characterises craftsmanship, it is the need for mindfulness, and it was precisely shortly after collaborating with different groups of craftspeople that he began to work on the juncture of meditation and craftsmanship, two paths that had a lot in common.

From his experience in these fields, López-Lago has developed a series of practical exercises which are useful for anyone who decides to embark on the journey of getting to know oneself better and fully connecting body and mind.

Anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, improve their cognitive flexibility, enhance their ability to solve complex problems, process information more effciently, or adopt a more innovative mindset can implement what is described in this book. Consequently, they will «feel» the positive changes in their creative, professional, and personal lives.

People who are not afraid to try new thingd and learn about what they do as new insights emerge.


Samuel López-Lago (Mérida, Spain, 1991). Strategic designer and project leader with a global outlook. Educator, facilitator, and mentor in international educational programs.

Civil servant in European institutions, currently working as a project leader in the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policies of the European Commission.

Elected Associate Member of the World Academy of Art and Science, a scientific organization dedicated to promoting leadership in thought that leads to action, and which once included intellectuals such as Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell.

Member of the Design and Public Administration working group of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Selected as one of the 300 Spanish leaders in Technological Innovation and Circular Economy by the Advanced Leadership Foundation (USA), as an opinion leader in Harvard Business Review Ascend Select and as a member of the Advisory Board of Harvard Business Review (Opt-in Research Community of Professionals).

Finalist in the 2016 National Crafts Awards (together with Terracota Mérida), his work as a designer is on sale at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Samuel has a Master’s degree in Engineering Design (from the Universidades de Córdoba, Málaga and Almería), a Master’s degree in Craft Design (Escuela de Organización Industrial), a Master’s degree in Mindfulness (Universidad Isabel I) and a Meditation Teacher Certificate by Meditation Alliance International – India. He also holds a Master’s Certificate in Systems Design and Project Leadership (Cornell University), Professional Program in Digital Leadership (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Professional Program in Design Strategies (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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