About Us

Experimenta is a platform specialized in the world of design, architecture and visual communication that started off in Madrid in 1988 with the firm objective of promoting the idea of project culture in Spain.

What started off as a small scale publisher with a free, local, periodical publication has become an internationally renowned trademark. Today, Experimenta magazine is present in over fifty countries worldwide, and it has a website and an IP protocol TV, all of which are completely bilingual in Spanish and English.

Alongside, Experimenta Essays, the guide to Spanish design, the Habitat guide and the graphic design and visual communication guide all contribute to a communications system that revolves 360 degrees, an innovative link between those who design and those who produce and a tool to favour a new quality of interrelations between industry, designers and the market.

Experimenta is different to other specialized media in that it combines a focus of current design with thoughts on the different challenges of our time. Therefore, beyond disciplinary aspects, it is of utmost importance to maintain the idea of a profound review of the culture of contemporary project concepts as an instrument of social, cultural and environmental innovation.

It is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals that is capable of generating contents and developing highly cultured and creative projects discovering new possibilities of success and innovation using the instruments and methods of design.