Terms of Use


By virtue of the information contained in article number 10 of law 34/2002, dated 11 July, of the Information Society Services and e-commerce, the following is stated:
Experimenta S.L. (Experimenta from now on) is a company with business address at Calle Churruca 27, 28004 Madrid (Spain), with VAT number B-78944519, registered at Madrid’s mercantile register volume 9.058 gral, 812 section 3, page 1, page number 13.200-1, 1st inscription. 
The name of Experimenta´s web site is experimenta.es (www.expewrimenta.es or web site from now on).
To get in contact with Experimenta directly and effectively, phone +34 945214049.
For notifications and requests related to the following terms of use, write and hand in personally or send by certified mail to Experimenta´s business address.

Access and/or use of information related to the web site or services provided by Experimenta imply the condition of user (Users from now on) and therefore all terms of use described herein are applicable. These terms of use regulate access, use of information and browsing in any of Experimenta´s web sites (this includes news commentaries, blogs, forums, etc…), as well as all responsibility derived from such use and its contents (contents meaning texts, images, graphic material, drawings, photographs, audio material, videos, information or indeed any material protected by national laws or international agreements concerning intellectual and industrial property).
Access or use of www.experimenta.es by users implies the acceptance and approval of terms of use.
Independent of these terms of use, Experimenta has the right to introduce specific conditions to regulate the hiring of products or services on offer to users that depending on the specific examples, will substitute or modify the corresponding general terms of use, with subsequent particular conditions prevailing over the original terms of use.

The use of services and access to information contained in www.experimenta.es is free and does not require registering, although some of the services and information provided by Experimenta to third parties via the web site, may be liable to specific conditions for hiring or payment that will be visibly specified.
It is forbidden to hire products or services through www.experimenta.es by under18s unless previously authorised by a parent, tutor or legal representative, all of which shall be considered responsible for all acts perpetrated by a minor under their tutorship according to standard regulations.

The user is obliged to use all services provided by Experimenta according to the law and to the terms of use established, refraining from improper use of services or use that is contradictory to the terms of use.
The user has to accept that within services related to news commentary, blogs and information sent via formats provided online as well as any other form that provides user information, it is not allowed to use advertisements, e-mail message chains or any other information that is not directly related to the opinion or debate about articles or news items. When using these services, users must not send messages including obscene or insulting language, false information that may be inadequate, abusive, harmful, pornographic, menacing, harming to the public image or the private lives of third parties or that for a given reason do not comply with regulations.
The user must not use data for advertising purposes, nor send any advertisements online, nor, through the services provided by Experimenta, transmit, make public or provide third parties any information, messages, graphic material, audible material, images, photographs, recordings, software or any other material, data or contents that without limitation, (i) incur in activities that are illegal, illicit or contrary to good faith and public order; (ii) in any way contravene, disregard or violate fundamental rights and public freedom that are recognized in the constitution and/or international agreements and/or other legislation; (iii) induce, incite or promote actions, attitudes or ideas that are discriminatory for reasons of sex, race, religion, beliefs or age; (iv) are protected by any corresponding intellectual or industrial rights belonging to third parties, without prior authorisation by the authors to enable the user; (v) violate third party trade secrets; (vi) break regulations on communication secrets.

This web site is subject to Spanish law and national and international legislation concerning intellectual and industrial property.
Experimenta in itself or as a licensed entity, is the owner of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property contained in the web site and that of its contents, thus making use of this right and expressly forbidding any reproduction, distribution or public communication of part or all of these contents, in any format nor any media without prior specific authorisation from Experimenta, and in all cases complying with article 32.1 of the refunded text of the law of intellectual property.
The user has the right to visualize, print, copy or store material and contents from the web site, if and only if, it is for exclusively private use and never for public or commercial purposes.
The user will not manipulate, avoid or alter any security or protection system from the web.
It must not be understood that any access or browsing by the user in the web site or any use, purchase and/or hire of products or services, implies any resignation, transmission, license or grant, neither total nor partial, of rights on behalf of Experimenta.
All web site contents are directed towards consumers and users. All unauthorized commercial use and resale is absolutely forbidden without written authorization by Experimenta.

Users who send or provide information to Experimenta will always do so declaring and guaranteeing that they do not infringe on intellectual property rights, brand names, patents or any other rights belonging to third parties.
The user recognizes that he assumes all responsibility and shall not harm Experimenta in relation to any information provided personally or under his or her name, allowing this responsibility without any restraint, to be accurate and legal and acknowledging to be the original and rightful provider of this information.

According to current regulations regarding data protection and society service information and e-commerce, when gaining access to services in www.experimenta.es users accept that personal data they provide can be introduced into files property of Experimenta with the objective of offering the required services and keeping users informed, either through e-mail or by any other media, of new products and services provided by Experimenta or collaborators. In the case of e-mail messages, the user will give consent to advertising through this media. The users’ data will in no case be given to third parties. Users have the right to access and hence rectify or cancel personal data through the address info@experimenta.es. 

Experimenta will in no case be held responsible for reliability, utility, credibility or accuracy of services or information provided through the web site.
Therefore, Experimenta will not be held responsible for (i) continuity in the contents of www.experimenta.es and the absence of errors in those contents; (ii) the absence of viruses and/or other malicious or harmful components present in the web site or a server; (iii) the invulnerability of the web site and/or the impregnability of security measures that may be used; (iv) the lack of utility or efficiency of the contents or products of the web site; (v) damages caused, to oneself or third parties, by any person who does not comply with conditions, regulations or instructions given by Experimenta through the web site, or through breaking security systems; (vi) incorrect, inappropriate or illicit use of information contained in the web site.
Users will respond to any disconformities with respect to any of the obligations to which they are liable by virtue of the general terms of use and the law in relation to the use of these services.

Experimenta will not assume any responsibility for the contents or services that are accessible through the web site, either via links, buttons or banners. Moreover, connections and links from www.experimenta.es to other web sites do not imply any direct relationship, collaboration or dependence between Experimenta and those responsible for other sites.

Any institution or user that has the intention of establishing links with www.experimenta.es from other sites, will be able to do so, with any integrated web site page, although the link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must take the user straight to the URL address of an Experimenta page with one click, and it must take up the space of a whole page when linked. Under no circumstances, unless Experimenta specifically produces a written authorization, shall the web site that has produced the link in any way reproduce the web site, include it as part of its own site, or inside one of its frames, or create a browser within any of the pages of the web site.
In the page where the link has been established, it will not be possible to specify that Editorial Experimenta has authorized the given link unless this has been specifically done and confirmed in writing. 
Editorial Experimenta does not authorize the establishment of a link to the web site from sites that contain material, information or contents that are illicit, illegal, degrading or obscene, or that, in general, contravene moral standards, public order or generally accepted social norms.

Experimenta reserves the right to decline or withdraw access to the web site and the services and contents provided, without warning, to those users that do not comply with the terms of use.

Experimenta reserves the right to modify the presentation and the configuration of contents and services offered by the web site, being able to add, suppress or modify any content or service without warning.

Experimenta reserves the right to modify the terms of use without warning and therefore only the latest version will be enforced when users are connected to the web site, where modifications will be considered valid as long as they are exposed in www.experimenta.es.

The relationship established between Experimenta and the user will be subject to current Spanish legislation and any controversy will be submitted to the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid, with the explicit renunciation of any other authority that may correspond.