Ottawa, children´s play area by Emiliana Design Studio

Made Design Planning Sisplamo introduces Ottawa as part of the Made for Children series. It consists of a set of modular items designed for children´s activities in public spaces. The collection has been designed by Emiliana Design Studio, co founders Ana Mir y Emili Padrós. The series includes various objects such as benches, tables, drawers, carpets or blackboards that can be combined to create different arrangements.


The structure is made up of painted steel tubes and the panels are made of lacquered plywood. This collection has been designed for use in public spaces such as airports, shopping centres, schools or even health centres. Ottawa favours the creation of specially designated areas for children´s use. Only just recently launched, the series is currently increasing the already wide, colour and item range.


Modular composition, Ottawa, 2010.

Box and bench detail, Ottawa, 2010.


Coleccion Ottawa

Colección Ottawa, 2010.

Colección Ottawa, combinacionesCombination posibilities.   

Ilustraciones Colección Ottawa


Colección Ottawa

Drawings, Ottawa, Emiliana Design Studio, 2010.

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