Shineout, on the other side of the mirror lamp

Shineout is a transformist object designed by Innedit, Innoarea Design Editions, that dually acts as a lamp and a mirror to produce unbelievable mirror image perspectives of objects or users that come close.

Carmelo Puyo has designed this set of fluorescent retro illuminated mirrors. There are three models: the wall lamp (1 metre diameter), the table lamp (for use as a dressing table lamp) and the recently launched (Valencia 2010 Feria Hábitat) suspended lamp, with a 1300 mm diameter that is possible due to the reduction of weight and thickness.

Each type has its own switch on mechanism; the wall lamp is activated by pulling the feed cable, the table lamp has a switch on the mirror surface and the suspended lamp uses an occupancy sensor.

Shineout, wall lamp, 2009.

Shineout, table lamp, 2009.

Detail from the table lamp Shineout, 2009.

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