Urban Garden, domestic gardening design

Fench architect specialised in gardening design, Patrick Nadeau, has created the Urban Garden collection where hydroponic techniques are used to allow trees and plants to be kept in interior spaces. Made from polyester, and created for Authentics the textile-made Urban Garden containers introduce a new planting technique that requires little maintenance and has an internal watering system that guarantees the plant’s water requirements.


Composed of layered granulated clay, drainage felt and a draining organic substrate, it provides all needs for the plant including a constant watering system that avoids drenching. Highly versatile, clean and mobile, Urban Garden is appropriate for interior plants and does not require the use of plates or pots. This collection offers two different solutions with varying sizes and layouts: Plant Sack and Plant Bag.

Plant Sack varies from a 3 to a 200 litre capacity unit and is available in black, beige and Bordeaux red. The shape adapts to the geometry of the plant with a hexagonal base that provides stability. The side zip makes it easy to fill or empty the sack with earth.

Plant Bag has a smaller capacity and can be hung from walls or ceilings. Several units can be stuck together with Velcro fasteners to produce different linear compositions.

Available in black, there are three different sizes varying from 1.5 to 9 litre capacities. A three unit galvanized metallic structure is also available for table tops. All models have two independent layers and include a water metre and all the necessary filters to ensure correct watering.


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