Wotu Chair, the wooden tube chair

Wotu Chair is a new ecologic ultra light chair produced by Lamm and designed by Dante Bonucelli. Made entirely from natural wood originating from forest areas under strict environmental control, and thanks to new technology not yet patented, the chair is manufactured with layers of thin beech wood sheets that are glued together and folded to produce wooden tubes.

Without the use of plastics or carbon fibres, the Wotu Chair, manages to reduce the loss of raw material to the very minimum and studies the relationship between the raw material and its structural behaviour. “Our idea”—Dante Bonicelli points out— was to experiment as is traditional in the world of design, focusing on searching for the maximum lightness of the object”. The whole process is eco-compatible, “no intermediate transport is necessary; the tree goes into the factory as such and comes out as a chair. All remaining raw material –adds Bonucelli— is burnt to produce electricity that together with the photovoltaic panels, covers almost 90% of our energy production needs”.

Fabrication rocess of Wotu Chair.

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