My Radical Project. Architecture and Eco-design by Paolo Deganello

Paolo Deganello has regularly collaborated with Experimenta since the publishing house was founded in 1989. His reflections and tireless activity as a feature writer, whose work we have frequently shared with our readers, have contributed to building a critical vision of design, marked by a firm commitment to the crucial issues of our time. "Nowadays, designers have to go against the market, they have to head in an ecologically sustainable direction. They have to be brave enough to bite the hand that feeds them," Paolo Deganello declares decisively.


Gillo Dorfles, between Art and Design

On April 16th, 2011, a sunny Saturday morning in Milan, Gillo Dorfles invited the Experimentatv team to record this interview. A long friendship and deep admiration connects Editorial Experimenta and Professor Dorfles, and over the years, Experimenta has interviewed the author and published his articles both in print and online.