Felipe Taborda designer

Felipe Taborda, designer from Río de Janeiro. He defines himself as a man of incorrigible curiosity, and it is this insatiable appetite that incites him to work and enjoy life in equal parts. The Brazilian designer tackles the rich creative explosion that Latin America is currently living through as well as the special growth and energy of Brazil.


Felipe Taborda, designer from Río de Janeiro, Experimenta in Río de Janeiro.

After graduating in graphic design in Rio de Janeiro, I went to London to study film and photography at the London National Film School, and then I spent some time in Paris and then finished my M.A. in Communication Arts at the New York Institute of Technology. In Brazil they say I followed the Helena Rubinstein route: London, Paris, and New York.

Brazil these days is going through enormous economic growth, and that’s being reflected in design. Not only in design, but also in other professions, which means it’s a really good time to be in Brazil. The biggest novelty in Latin American design is the ease and levity in creativity.

We may say that in Latin American design, forms and shapes are free, there’s no stiffness. In contrast to the other countries, we’re the only ones who speak Portuguese. Design can influence social aspects in any country. We recently had the case of Kabum Mix.

We work with young people in underprivileged areas in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador, and the results have been spectacular. The teens worked on a design project which was then on display all over Rio.

There’s no use denying that Brazil is a tremendously musical country, and that rhythm and those sounds mix together with a lot of people’s work, including mine.

I have very close ties with Brazilian music, and world music. I think many of them have Brazilian music present in their colors. The rhythm, the colors, the bounce of Brazilian music, are all present in the work of Brazilian graphic design.


Realización: Stefano Nicoli