Pepe Cruz Novillo on the road. Design in the streets of Madrid

 Experimenta tv accompanies José Maria Cruz Novillo, National Design Prize winner, to show us some of the most emblematic artistic attractions of Madrid, a city that is central to a great deal of his work.

Amongst these are César Ruiz-Larrea’s ‘Diagrama Decafónico de Dígitos’ project in Madrid, subsequently used for the INE building (Instituto Nacional de Estadística; National Statistics Institute); and sculptures created for the corporate identities of Repsol, Magisa and Portland Valderribas.

José María Cruz Novillo is a landmark in the imagination of the masses; some of his work includes the corporate images of several state corporations, media businesses and film posters. Also renowned as an artist and sculptor, he was named professor of the Fine arts Academy of San Fernando.

Producer: Stefano Nicoli
Reporter: Gloria Inglis
Original music: Dario Lovaglio