Walking Chair, You do Design, you!

Experimentatv, during the TDF Tenerife Design Festival 2009, has been media partner with the festival organizers. During the event we were able to talk to the people from Walking Chair Design Studio. Fidel Peugot and Karl Emilio Pircher are the founders of this studio based in the heart of Vienna, distinguished by the creativity and innovation of their proposal.Among their works within the areas of interiors, industrial and graphic design, stands out the design of several Lomo cameras, Wallpaper magazines typography and the creation of the first chair that walks.
Awarded with the first prize at the Berlin Festival 2009, Walking Chair adds large amounts of humor to their activity as singers and songwriters.Apart from being a design studio, Walking Chairs is also a gallery that hosts design exhibitions; and Walking Things, run by Heinz Boesch, a distribution and sales platform of their own works.