Colour scale in an Amsterdam Office

Dutchman Hofman Dujardin's architectural practice is responsible for the interior design and chromatic project for lawyers DLA Piper’s head office in Zuidas, Amsterdam’s financial district, where 250 people work every day.


The different colours used in the top floors designated for working areas, are determined by solar light compensation criteria. The inner circle office area, where there is most light, colder colours are used in varying blues and greens; warmer colours, reds and oranges, are applied to the darker areas.

Not only are the light and the orientation of the building fully exploited, but it is also the grading of colours that transmits energy and allows visitors to find their bearings with ease. Furniture includes office chairs by Vitra, sofas and lighting by Moooi, tables by Merwede Interior, Merwede Interior and reception desk table tops by Corian.

Photography  Matthijs van Roon Amsterdam.


Client: DLA Piper The Netherlands

Project: April 2008 – July 2009

Design: Hofman Dujardin Architects Amsterdam

Managers of the project: IPMMC Consult Utrecht

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