Testa, Nanimarquina dresses walls and dreams

Nanimarquina uses textiles for carpeting and to design headboards in their new collection Testa. Renowned for their handcraft carpet collections, a call has been made to experiment with the use of textiles in furniture design.

Detail of Bauma’s headboard rail by Gonzalo Milá, 2010.

The collection includes three models: Double-side by Nani Marquina; Bauma by Gonzalo Milà; and Spiral by Martín Azúa and Gerard Moliné; all handcraft in wool. The headboard frames have all been designed by Gonzalo Milá; an anodized aluminium rail fixed to the wall, from which the headboard is hung.

Double-side headboard by Nani Marquina, 2010.

Spiral headboard by Martín Azúa and Gerard Moliné, 2010.

Fixing rail by Gonzalo Milá, 2010.

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