Levity for a New Millennium

An apparently simple result and an extraordinarily complex process define Table B, designed by Konstantin Grcic for the Extrusions series of BD Barcelona Design and presented at the Milan Fair, and then at the BD head office in Madrid at the end of September. Inspired by classic works form the firm, such as the Hypostila shelf, Table B is more than an object: it is an emotion.

Despite its simplicity, Table B needed complex technical development elaborated by renown engineers. Its structure allows the extruded aluminum to span up to 369 cm. Simple and technical, without too much weightiness while preserving its forms, it sketches a profile in space that seems to fade into thin air. Table B is available in different finishes and can have three kinds of legs that heighten the feeling of purity. It uses simple materials, and yet, like the rest of their work, it cannot be categorized as minimalist. Instead, its style lies within a relational poetics of objects that driven by Grcic’s passion for high tech and the expressivity of the materials. In the same way, it includes different handcrafted processes. Logic, space, and suitability of the methods of production are conjugated in this novel piece that marks another milestone for the designer’s practice, joined by a reasonable thought towards construction and observation. Table B is a work grounded in sustainability and in deeply ecological beliefs. “We take care of objects because they’re important to us, because we don’t want to toss them aside, thus preventing the massive consumerism of using something once and throwing it away” states Konstantin Grcic.

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