Willem Gispen: An important Dutch modernist designer

Willem Gispen, a trailblazer in his double role as designer and manufacturer, decided to go for tubular steel and serial production and, in so doing, he chose to forgo aesthetic pretensions in his industrial creations. A well-known activist in the artistic and business circles of his time, Gispen was one of the individuals responsible for promoting the social values of the arts and crafts movement. The incorporation of his designs into the Dutch Originals replica catalogue is proof of the validity of his work.

Levity for a New Millennium

An apparently simple result and an extraordinarily complex process define Table B, designed by Konstantin Grcic for the Extrusions series of BD Barcelona Design and presented at the Milan Fair, and then at the BD head office in Madrid at the end of September. Inspired by classic works form the firm, such as the Hypostila shelf, Table B is more than an object: it is an emotion.

The bottle of Tomorrow

In 2006, the USA alone produced 2.7 million tons of PET plastic, 80% of which ended up “as is“ in the dump. Brandimage has created a fully recyclable bottle composed of two layers of bamboo or palm tree paper pulp and a waterproof inner lining made of biodegradable PLA. To open it, the top of the bottle pulls off and doubles as the lid. Dubbed the 360 Paper Water Bottle, the name of the container designed by Jim Warner refers to the integral vision of a project that re-thinks production and design.