Santiago Miranda & Perry king. Metropolitan by Zehnder

Perry King and Santiago Miranda invite Experimentatv to their studio in Milan to discover the design process behind Metropolitan, the new radiator manufactured by the company Zehnder in a wide variety of sizes and in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Metropolitan is extraordinarily thin and light. Each unit "is a finished, individual product, visually complete and independent," emphasise the designers, "the modular concept, which was so dominant and powerful in the past, no longer fits the visual language of contemporary architecture".


The studio King & Miranda Design, founded by Perry King and Santiago Miranda, is actively involved in all aspects of design, from product to interior design and architecture, and works with clients in Europe, the United States and Japan. Perry King was named RDI (Royal Designer for Industry) in 2000 and is a visiting professor at the University of the Arts in London. Santiago Miranda, winner of the Spanish National Design Award in 1989, received the Andalucia Design Award in 1995. Both designers have extensive teaching and research experience and have participated in international conferences and jury panels.

Production: Stefano Nicoli.

Music: Apple Jingles.

Typography: Meta Design Medium-Roman.