Twentieth Edition of the Chaumont Festival

Ever since the team comprised of Pierre Bernard, Alex Jordan, Vincent Perrottet and Jean-François Millier took over the organisation of the Festival International de l’Affiche et du Graphisme in 2002, its contents have been revamped, bringing the general public, professionals and students together for what has become a landmark in today’s design world. 

The International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont currently represents a model that applies an interdisciplinary approach and historical-critical rigour to study the role of graphic design in contemporary creative fields. Previous editions have boasted successful exhibitions by designers like Raymond Savignac, Harmen Liemburg, Julia Born or Mathias Schweizer.

This time, the festival is structured around several exhibitions, contests, workshops and conferences. For example, Graphisme in France shows the collection acquired by the festival during the two decades of its existence. 

Code_ source takes a look at how the role of design has evolved throughout the history of hardware, software and video games. Furthermore, the festival also includes several competitions: an award for the best French design book, an international poster contest, and a variety of competitions dedicated to student work.

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