Design by land, sea or air by Marc Newson

Marc Newson develops vehicle designs from an experimental focus, in an effort that brings together technological, materials and system innovation. The Gagosian Gallery in New York organizes 'Transport', an exhibition open until the 16th of October dedicated to the Australian industrial designer's main transportation projects since 1999.


Create your own Mr. Cube

Mr. Cube is a structure created from a wooden cube, a series of interchangeable pieces designed by Héctor Serrano. The number of possible combinations of magnetized legs, arms and head -all of which make up a cube- are infinite.


Cuatro Cuatros, Ham&Cheese y La otra Cristina Serrano, becas Nude Bancaja

Tres jóvenes estudios de diseño industrial, Cuatro Cuatros, Ham&Cheese y La otra Cristina Serrano, han sido los ganadores de la cuarta convocatoria de becas Nude Bancaja 2010, cuyo objetivo es facilitar la incorporación de los jóvenes diseñadores a la industria del hábitat mediante prácticas que en esta edición se desarrollarán en las empresas Luzifer, Sancal y Aznar Textil-Bondrap, respectivamente.