Thin Black Lines, una línea entre arte y diseño

Como si de bocetos dibujados en el aire tratara, Nendo diseña 29 piezas en barra de acero que transforman el trazado esquemático y el plano resultante en volúmenes que juegan de manera irreverente con la percepción visual del espectador. Así, de ninguna manera deben entenderse estas piezas como una enésima propuesta de reducción neo-minimalista.


Thin Black Lines, a line between art and design

Like sketches drawn up in the thin air, Nendo designs 29 stainless steel pieces that turn the original schematic layout and the resulting planes, into a series of volumes that irreverently play with the visual perception of the onlooker. It would therefore in no way be fair to consider these works as just another reductionist neo-minimalistic proposal.


Air Multiplier de Dyson, el ventilador sin aspas

Con la creación de Air Multiplier, un ventilador carente de aspas capaz de multiplicar el aire hasta 18 veces, Dyson pone de manifiesto que aún es posible innovar en aquellos productos considerados tradicionales gracias a la unión de diseño y tecnología. 

El ventilador sin aspas de DysonEl aire entra por el cilindro inferior y es propulsado por el aro, creando una corriente de aire continua y multiplicado.

A bucket seat

Breathing chair is a light, comfortable and sustainable seat that modifies its shape according to pressure, weight and the position of the body. After use, it reshapes to its original geometry without the use of any mechanism.

Composed of two layers of latex foam with controlled variable density, it takes advantage of the elasticity and the die cut of the material, (the latter derived from the vascular cambium of a wooden stem under a microscope), to adapt to each user. 

Sandprint, ecological visual communication in the beaches of Cádiz

Last year, Zana design the Spanish industrial design studio from Cádiz, developed a promotional campaign for the Instituto de Fomento y Formación (a public institution that promotes training for the local government of the city of Cádiz), in which the beaches of this Spanish province were used as spaces for visual communication and social intervention.


Ionna Vautrin’s friendly lamp

Binic is a small sized table lamp (only 20cm high), designed for Ionna Vautrin Vautrin by the Italian firm Foscarini. The young designer comes from the coastal town of Bretagne of the same name, and its shape is inspired in the typical ventilation shafts of a ship deck. Made from aluminium and a polycarbonate projector, it is available in six different colours.