Runtal’s radiators showroom (Zehnder), Milan

Accompanied by industrial designers Santiago Miranda and Perry King, Experimentatv pays a visit to the Runtal company's showroom. Runtal, part of the Zehnder Group, inaugurated its showroom in the former Teatro Olimpia in April of 2011.

Runtal's origins date back to 1953 when it began manufacturing steel radiators in Switzerland. Nowadays, it is one of the sector's most prestigious and successful companies. Design, technology, innovation, sustainability and low energy consumption constitute the essential ingredients of their products. By combining aesthetics and functionality, Runtal's products meet the requirements of the most demanding architects and professionals working in the design field.

Runtal is an international brand represented in Japan, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Denmark and the United States.

In developing and designing its products, the company works with designers like King & Miranda Design, Christian Ghion, Leo Salzedo, Paul Priestman, Paolo Schianchi, Claudio Colucci, Giuseppe Lorenzi, Mario Talin, Pietro Securo and others.

Production: Stefano Nicoli.

Music: Apple Jingles.