Vertical neighbours in Barcelona, by Roldán + Berengué

Roldán + Beregué Architectes have designed the Torre Plaça Europa council housing building. Different openings and setbacks have been introduced in the façade and the remaining volumes have been split up and composed to generate a tower with five apparent levels although it is actually a 15 storey volume.


Ventilated façade with Fudermax' pieces and aluminium oulines.

Quinta do Portal Winery

The Quinta do Portal Winery commissioned Álvaro Siza to design a project aimed at turning their winery into a landmark destination on wine tourism routes. The result is an enclosed space which fits perfectly into its natural surroundings.

Views of the project overall.

Cevisama 2010

The latest edition of Cevisama 2010, the International Show for Ceramics in Architecture and Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment, and the International Natural Stone and Machinery Fair, have decided to bring together their efforts to unify their offer in an attempt to meet market demands. The common denominator in this edition has been the importance given to environmental issues as is clear in many of the novelties that have been on display.

A french Pigeon Loft

To change with the times or die. This, surely, was the idea that motivated the members of the La Défense pigeon fanciers’ club to join the Fondation de France’s Nouveaux Commanditaires programme, which, in turn, put them in touch with the designer Matali Crasset. With a view to promoting the uncommon custom of breeding and training pigeons, Crasset submitted the idea of “Le pigeonnier, capsule”, a futurist loft in which both birds and trainers can feel completely at home.


Ron Arad: Walls, no thanks!

In a search to symbolically contradict the existence of separating walls and bunkers throughout the borders of his country, Israeli Ron Arad’s architectural office has created a series of hierarchically placed winding slabs that embrace Holon’s Museum of Design, luring the visitor into the metallic structure in a somewhat futuristic experience. The building is conceived as a sculpture thus acquiring an inventive and poetical character inherent to the concept of design.