Learning design, the school that changes

Design careers, in all their specialities, are currently in vogue among young people; this is why design schools are seeing hundreds of students graduate each year. The people in charge of their training, teachers with long experience in the professional world of design, believe in a dynamic and multidisciplinary education that turns the classroom into an idea lab.

Cross-cultural design from China

China is a hotbed of graphic design. As computers transform the country’s vast calligraphic tradition, each point of reference strengthens its identity. Hong Kong’s westernising bent, Beijing’s traditionalist nature and Macao’s hybrid character exist side by side with the emerging personalities of Shanghai and Guangzhou.


Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola (Oviedo, 1961), the most international of Spanish designers, lives and works out of Milan. She cites Magistretti, Munari and Castiglioni as her maestros. Of Castiglioni she recalls his most famous lesson: “the imperative of seeking out one’s own poetics, following neither rules nor guidelines”. Author of a prolific list of products and projects, and keeping true to wise teachings, she stays spontaneous and fresh by imbuing her works with her passion for handiwork.

We need to turn design inside out, like a glove

Based on his participation in the seminar Less is Next held on World Food Day, Paolo Deganello uses the crisis as a starting point to reflect upon the kind of role architects and designers should play in organising a fairer professional practice, rooted in the defence of new, ethical values.