Alejandro Magallanes

Discussing an author by pigeonholing him in the role of interpreter of the culture of his country is not the right thing to do; particularly if, more often than not, that culture is interpreted by turning to simplification or, worse still, stereotypes fit for absent-minded consumption.

Twentieth Edition of the Chaumont Festival

Ever since the team comprised of Pierre Bernard, Alex Jordan, Vincent Perrottet and Jean-François Millier took over the organisation of the Festival International de l’Affiche et du Graphisme in 2002, its contents have been revamped, bringing the general public, professionals and students together for what has become a landmark in today’s design world. 

The International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont currently represents a model that applies an interdisciplinary app

Reza Abedini

What a good start to 2005 for Reza Abedini. he took a gold award in Hong Kong’s poster triennale, one of many poster events currently enlivening the graphic design scene in the far east (from tokyo to Pekin via Taipei), open to entries from visual cultures beyond the border (or, better said, borders). and entries come not only from the west, but also from the middle east – a territory that (supposedly global) ‘chat’ culture seems to show little inclination to get to know or understand more about.


Skolos & Wedell

Nancy Skolos (1955) and Thomas Wedell (1949) met at Cranbrook Academy of Art (Michigan, US) in the mid-1970s. Since then, their personal and professional lives have been firmly intertwined. Nancy’s typography and design and Thomas’s photography coexist in their Boston house-studio where, far from clashing, they generate new paradigms of visual communication. The passion both artists profess the creative process has sharpened their inventiveness in a series of forceful posters. Illusory spaces and three-dimensional images in caps.