Air Multiplier, el ventilador sin aspas

With Dyson’s Air Multiplier, a fan with no blades that is capable of multiplying air mass 18 times, it has again become evident that design plus technology very often means it is possible to innovate in the field of traditional products. 

The air in this fan is propelled through a thin slit across the whole perimeter of the ring, thus creating a stream that travels through an aerodynamic channel. In turn, this channel picks up surrounding air mass and pulls it towards the main stream. It is capable of uninterruptedly expelling 450 litres of air per second.

Sir James Dyson with the Air Multiplier range, AM01, AM02 and AM03.

The Dyson patent digital motor has no dynamo brushes and is therefore more efficient and produces no CO². The motor is placed at the base and provides stability to the structure as well as allowing circular and vertical movement. Due to the lack of blades and a ventilation grille, the fan is easy to clean and safe.


Air Multiplier 01 Table Fan.

This household appliance is already available in Australia, France and Germany and online from the UK, Japan and the US. In March 2011 it will be launched in Spain and Portugal. There are three different models, the table fan AM01, the tower fan AM02 and the fan with pedestal AM03 (the last not to be launched in neither Spain nor Portugal).

Air Multiplier 02 Tower Fan.

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