Jasper Morrison for Camper

As in the past, Camper has recurred to renowned collaborators from the varying fields of design. Industrial designer Jasper Morrison is in this occasion the creator of The Country Trainer, a men’s footwear collection that is comfortable and has been developed with the identity of the Majorcan brand in mind.


This British designer, whom together with Naoto Fukasawa developed the design concept ‘Super Normal’, has worked for firms such as Cappellini, Alessi, Alias, Flos, Magis Rosenthal or Vitra; his design is part of Camper´s Together campaign, where prestigious designers have been asked to collaborate in designing footwear collections and new sales points.

Inspired in the classic 1975 Camaleón Camper model, Jasper Morrison’s proposal is a modern revision of traditional Majorcan footwear. From a project concept that heavily rests on the archetype and natural simplicity to avoid trends and strident innovations, Morrison interprets subtle ‘genetic’ modifications that define the evolution of Camper’s most emblematic product thus enhancing its identity. The Country Trainer is the result of this journey, a shoe that combines wool and linen with suede that is available in a wide range of natural colours. The sole is joined to the body without glues using Stitching techniques that provide resistance and flexibility.



Camper’s Together collection has included the following collaborators: Hella Jongerius, Konstantin Grcic and the Bouroullec and Campana brothers, amongst others. For spring/summer 2011, fashion designers Veronique Branquinho, Romain Kremer and Bernhard Willhelm are also due to present their footwear collections.

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