Kiko Farkas

Kiko Farkas is one of Brazil’s most active graphic designers. Through a rhythmical fluidity, his work manages to capture the ethereal ideas present in the creative process without weakening or rigidly fixing their meaning. In this way, his work exists in a space that is both moderns and contemporary without falling into contradiction. Working primarily as a poster designer, he has participated in more than a dozen international posters biennials.

Irma Boom Books

Irma Boom (Netherlands, 1960) is an editorial design activist who, after working for the Dutch Government Printing Office, founded Irma Boom Office in Amsterdam in 1991. Since then she has produced 200 books and has taught classes at Yale University in the US and the Van Eyck Academy in Maastrich. Her most ambitious project to date was the book celebrating the centenary of the Dutch conglomerate SHV, which she worked on for five years with complete freedom.

Alejandro Magallanes

Discussing an author by pigeonholing him in the role of interpreter of the culture of his country is not the right thing to do; particularly if, more often than not, that culture is interpreted by turning to simplification or, worse still, stereotypes fit for absent-minded consumption.

Skolos & Wedell

Nancy Skolos (1955) and Thomas Wedell (1949) met at Cranbrook Academy of Art (Michigan, US) in the mid-1970s. Since then, their personal and professional lives have been firmly intertwined. Nancy’s typography and design and Thomas’s photography coexist in their Boston house-studio where, far from clashing, they generate new paradigms of visual communication. The passion both artists profess the creative process has sharpened their inventiveness in a series of forceful posters. Illusory spaces and three-dimensional images in caps.