Gillo Dorfles interviewed by Cristina Morozzi. First part

Not long after the turn of the century, he still has the sense of wonder and the insatiable curiosity of a child for contemporary styles and fashions. No area of creativity is missed by his acute, far-seeing eye; no social phenomenon is not subjected to his passionate investigations; no mania or weakness escapes his wit. He frequents all the arts without distinction. He knows their history, their main directions, and how to make connections, parallels and conjunctions between them. He moves easily from the theoretical to the anecdotal.

Portia wine cellar, Norman Foster in the Ribera del Duero

The Faustino wine group has asked Pritzker prize winner Norman Foster to design their new Portia wine installations in the Ribera del Duero region. It is composed of three distinct volumes in the shape of a clover, each representing one of the three basic stages of wine production, and a central operations area. Entrance and … Continuar leyendo «Portia wine cellar, Norman Foster in the Ribera del Duero»

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola (Oviedo, 1961), the most international of Spanish designers, lives and works out of Milan. She cites Magistretti, Munari and Castiglioni as her maestros. Of Castiglioni she recalls his most famous lesson: “the imperative of seeking out one’s own poetics, following neither rules nor guidelines”. Author of a prolific list of products and projects, and keeping true to wise teachings, she stays spontaneous and fresh by imbuing her works with her passion for handiwork.

François Caspar

François Caspar is driven by a creative exuberance. A designer with a vibrant eye, he uses a combination of practice, experience, functionality and communication to confront his work. For Caspar, a poster is a tool for linguistic research that has many levels of sophistication. Widely known for his defence of professional culture, his work stands out for its high-quality, its focus on the international scene, its pragmatism and its visual culture.

Irma Boom Books

Irma Boom (Netherlands, 1960) is an editorial design activist who, after working for the Dutch Government Printing Office, founded Irma Boom Office in Amsterdam in 1991. Since then she has produced 200 books and has taught classes at Yale University in the US and the Van Eyck Academy in Maastrich. Her most ambitious project to date was the book celebrating the centenary of the Dutch conglomerate SHV, which she worked on for five years with complete freedom.