Still in Llove, an ephemeral hotel; Dutch and Japanese design in Tokyo

Dutch and Japanese designers have come together to present Llove, a temporary exhibition-hotel that will open from October 22nd to November 23rd 2010 coinciding with the annual design fair Designtide Tokyo. Designers Richard Hutten, Joep Van Lieshout, Pieke Bergmans, Scholten & Baijings, Hideyuki Nakayama, Yuko Nagayama, Jo Nagasaka and Ryuji Nakamura have been chosen to develop the interior design of all the hotel rooms.

We need to turn design inside out, like a glove

Based on his participation in the seminar Less is Next held on World Food Day, Paolo Deganello uses the crisis as a starting point to reflect upon the kind of role architects and designers should play in organising a fairer professional practice, rooted in the defence of new, ethical values. 


Rico Lins, graphic design and cross-cultural

Rico lins is one of Brazil’s most influential graphic designers. He has participated in and curated diverse exhibitions, including the one recently organised at the Sao Paulo Image and Sound Museum to present the magnificent posters he developed for the Sao Paulo Jazz Symphony Orchestra. His graphic work is informed by a copious and exuberant variet y of signifiers and signified meanings, blending european influences with brazilian ones in an amalgamation of worlds brought together in a single visual collage.


It's been ten years since I lived in this city. I almost forgot what it feels like to exist in a place that carries so much history but also manages to intertwine the modern almost seamlessly.

Gillo Dorfles interviewed by Cristina Morozzi. Second part.

Cristina Morozzi: And are we seeing the same thing in product design?

Gillo Dorfles: Patricia Urquiola, for example. She’s an excellent designer, but why does
she need to add those coloured superstructures? And Philippe Starck? Why has
he even gone so far as designing garden gnomes? It’s just an exaggerated wish
to “épater le bourgeois”.

Gillo Dorfles interviewed by Cristina Morozzi. First part

Not long after the turn of the century, he still has the sense of wonder and the insatiable curiosity of a child for contemporary styles and fashions. No area of creativity is missed by his acute, far-seeing eye; no social phenomenon is not subjected to his passionate investigations; no mania or weakness escapes his wit. He frequents all the arts without distinction. He knows their history, their main directions, and how to make connections, parallels and conjunctions between them. He moves easily from the theoretical to the anecdotal.